Discover the ways PassKeep uses to keep your personal data secure

Secure your account with Multi-factor authentication, Multi-factor authentication is an authentication method in which a computer user is granted access only after successfully presenting two or more pieces of evidence (or factors) to an authentication mechanism. PassKeep does this with your PassKeep app (pin or fingerprint), or a 3th party like Authy.
It is important to choose passwords wisely. PassKeep checks how strong and secure your passwords are. PassKeep gives you an overview for improvements for your passwords. PassKeep will improve the strength of your passwords to stay safe on the internet.
To prevent your passwords from being hacked by social engineering, brute force or dictionary attack method, and keep your online accounts safe, you need to use strong passwords. Easily generate super strong passwords, with the super simple PassKeep password generator. Read more
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You can access your passwords from anywhere, anytime. With the PassKeep app for Windows or Android you can always use all the features of PassKeep. Soon will PassKeep be available for macOS (apple computers) and iOS (iPhone and iPad), for updates follow our blog.
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Keep your online data safe with PassKeep

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We use AES-256 ecryption - The worldwide standard, also used by the military. Your master password will never be shared - not even with us.

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With our high-speed reliable servers, you take away the hassle of searching for your passwords. PassKeep does it all for you, to save you time.

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PassKeep manages all your passwords. Provides automatic login to all websites. Fill in all your details, so you can register with 1-click, with an automatically generated super strong password.


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